Distance Learning Tasks for Grade 10 (April 13-30)

1.Projects to do:

  1. Let’s Translate. project / Եկե՛ք թարգմանենք.նախագիծ
  2. «Լավագույն ժամանակը կարդալու համար», «Best time for Reading». նախագիծ

2. Reported Speech

1. «What time does the next bus leave?» he said. «I need to get to the station.»

He asked about time that next bus leaves and said that he need to get to the station.

2. «Don’t go swimming in the lake,» she said. «The water is filthy.»

He said dont go to swimming in the lake because water is filthy.
3. «Let’s go shopping tomorrow,» she said. «The sales have started.»

She offers to go to shopping tommorrow because The sales have started.
4. «Stand up,» the teacher said to the pupils. «The headmaster is coming.»

Teacher said to pupils to stand up because the headmaster is coming.
5. «Please don’t take my ring,» she said to him. «It was a present.»

She asked him not to take her ring cause it was present.
6. «It’s very late, Martin,» his mother said. «Where have you been?»

His mother said that its very late to Martin and where have he been.
7. «Shall I cook the dinner?» he said to her. «You look very tired.»

Shall he cook the dinner because she looked very tired he said.
8. «Please stop making that noise!» she said to him. «I can’t concentrate.»

She said to him to stop making noise because she cant concentrate.
9. «Yes, I dropped your vase,» she said. «I was cleaning the shelf.»

She agreed that she dropped the vase and said that she was cleaning the shelf
10. «Can I use the car, please?» she said. «I need to run some errands.»

She asked could she use the car to run some errands.

11. «I’m sorry I’m late,» he said. «The car wouldn’t start.»

He appologized for being late and told that the car wouldnt start.

12. «Why are you teasing your sister?» she asked him. «You know it makes her unhappy.»

She asked about teasing her sister and said that that makes her unhappy

13. «Why won’t you come to the party?» he said to her. «Everyone would love to see you.»

She asked why wont she come to the party and said that everyone would love to see her

14. «It was Rob who broke the window,» he said to her. «He was kicking the football.»

He told that it was Rob who broke the window because he was kicking the football.

3. Match the word  with  the proper definition

  1.  altogether                               a. to behave in an ostentatious way to impress others
  2. brag                                          b. a face seen from the side
  3. even out                                  c. without paying attention
  4. hold out for                            d. to tell about your own achievements
  5. lame                                         e. useless facts
  6. marvel                                     f. to insist on something
  7. negligence                              g. to come into balance
  8. profile                                     h. carelessness
  9. illiterate                                  i. to be amazed
  10. show off                                  j. one who cannot read or write
  11. absently                                  k. to pull hard
  12. squabble                                 l. completely
  13. stray                                       m. to argue
  14. trivia                                      n. to get lost
  15. yank                                      o. stupid and boring

 altogether – completely

brag- a face seen from the side

even out- to pull hard

hold out for – to insist on something

lame- one who cannot read or write

marvel – to be amazed

negligence- carelessness

profile – to tell about your own achievements

illiterate- stupid and boring

show off- to behave in an ostentatious way to impress others

absently –

squabble – to argue

stray – to get lost

trivia – useless facts

yank- to pull hard

4. Choose a topic and write an essay.

  • «What makes me special?»
  • «What does the quarantine give us?»

What makes me special

Almost everyone thinks that he or she is the only special one and thats right because everyone has unique skills and talents . There is a one big thing that i think makes me also special and that is the way i think. I don’t mean studying or the way I talk and think I just mean in general and the way I see the world. I never met with anyone like me even if I made friends that doesn’t mean we are the same they are just a bit close to my way of thinking and behaviour and I’m really lucky and proud that I am what I am.

What does the quarantine give us

Quarantine gives us a lot of thing. Firstly it gives us new experience that world never felt before and because of that people started to value what they have missed. For example they only communicated online with their friends or relatives . Also I thinks that after this people will start valuing nature.

5.Read the dialogues and choose the most appropriate options to complete the dialogues.

1. Doctor
Take this medicine for a week and you’ll start to feel better.
D) But I’ve used it before and it did not help at all.
Are you sure? It’s the best on the market.
Yes I am. Can you please prescribe another one?

A) What shall i do if unexpected side effects arise?
B) What is the ideal dosage for my weight?
C) No, it’s too early to prescribe another medicine.
D) But I’ve used it before and it did not help at all.
E) It looks as if the illness has already been cured.

2. Jake
How did you like the movie you saw last night?
I can’t say it was the best I’ve ever seen.
E) Then you wouldn’t recommend it, would you?
Certainly not. Do not waste your time.

A) Did you go alone or with a friend from work?
B) Hadn’t you read the reviews before you went to see it?
C) What do you mean by saying it depends?
D) I knew I could always count on you.
E) Then you wouldn’t recommend it, would you?

3. Father
What? You crashed the car again?
A) I do apologize. I promise it won’t happen again.
I’m sure it wasn’t. This is the third accident you have had this year.
You’re very angry now, dad. We had better talk about this later on.

A) I do apologize. I promise it won’t happen again.
B) Was the car in good condition?
C) But it wasn’t my fault. You’ve got to believe me.
D) Was it worth the money and time you had wasted?
E) Why do you ask? Don’t you know it’s too late now?

A) It seems that Martha is still angry with me.
Why do you think so?
Whenever we meet, she pretends not to see me.
I don’t thin k it’s because she hasn’t got over her anger. She’s having
a bad time at work nowadays.

A) It seems that Martha is still angry with me.
B) Martha will never make a good manager.
C) I have never seen a smarter woman than Martha.
D) One thing that I especially like about Martha is her sincerity.
E) Martha has finally managed to get over her resentment.

B) Can you help me prune the roses in the garden at the weekend?
Are you kidding? We are in June.
So what? What’s wrong with June?
The right time to trim your roses is the beginning of winter, when they
lose their flowers.

A) Are you going to plant those roses in your garden in June or July?
B) Can you help me prune the roses in the garden at the weekend?
C) I didn’t know your brother knew so much about gardening.
D) Have you got any idea what the right time is to shorten rose plants?
E) Are we supposed to do anything special to keep the roses fresh?

6.Complete the sentences with the most appropriate options.

1. Even though the two parties appear united in negotiations, —-.
A) the level of trust between them will always remain, at best, tenuous
B) they weren’t able to agree on the subject
C) they will eventually reach an agreement
D) it is impossible for him to succeed
E) the president unexpectedly rejected it

2. The moment I saw the sad face of my girl friend, —-.
A) I begin to feel depressed
B) I have realized that we will have a discussion about our relationship
C) I had decided to leave the house
D) I found out that something was wrong
E) she has gone out to have a walk

3. You had better take your mobile phone with you —-.
A) so that you can lose it
B) or I couldn’t have called you
C) because I will not be at home during the whole day
D) If you had wanted to go abroad
E) in case you may not find one when you are in need of it

4. —- when they learned that the chairman would not be able to join the meeting.
A) Hardly had the committee learned the reason of the meeting
B) When they realized why they were all there in that early time of the day
C) It wasn’t until they got a phone call about an urgent meeting the next day
D) However professional they tried to be seen
E) They will have already discussed the most important subjects

5. —-, the Grammys are the highest rated.
A) There are many music awards shows in the US
B) Although Grammys are considered to be highly prestigious
C) Because there is only one big music awards show in the US
D) Much as people are looking forward to next Grammy awards show
E) Of the «big three» music awards shows

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