Exercises on tences

1. This time tomorrow, I will be lying on the beach.�2. She said that she would help me.�3. Phone me when you have time.�4. I will follow you wherever you go. �5. You will have an accident if you go on driving like that.�6. When you phoned, I was working in the garage.�7. I spent all my childhood in South India.�8. The phone rang while I was having a bath.�9. I tried a little of the soup to see how it tastes. �10. When we were children we made our own toys.�11. I can’t dance because I have broken my leg.�12. I rang the bell six times but no one opened the door.�13. P1: Would you have told her truth? P2: No, I would have lied. (tolie)�14. If he asks me to come, I will. (to ask)�15. I really thought that my team would win. (to win)�16. They would have won if they had played better. (to play) �17. If you slept more, you wouldn’t be so tired. (to sleep) �18. If you hadn’t told him, he would have never found out. (to find out)�19. If I need money next week, I
will borrow it from my brother (to borrow)�20. I will be here if you need me. (to be)�21. I wouldn’t have laughed if I had known it was such a sensitive topic. (tolaugh)�22. If John loved Betty, he would marry her. (to love)

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