1.Does she have to do homework before the TV show starts?
2.How many football matches did he see last week?
3.What have they selected?
4.Tom has to go to the lecture doesn’t he?
5.Did they come here by bus or on foot?
6.How many toys have the children got?
7.Who is very grateful for her help?
8.Who has the doctor been called by?
9.Ann won’t be able to keep her promise, will she?
10.Did I give the precent to my aunt or to dad?
11.Did he pass all his exams successfully?
12.Whar must she take three times a day?
13. How long did it take them to complate the work?
14.We had a good time, didn’t we?
15.Did i think much or little about it?
16.Has my sister ever lived in a village?
17.How many guests were invited to our housewarming party?
18.Why did we have to speek louder?
19.There are no other things in the box, are there?
20.Did they go to the cinema or to the theatre yesterday?
21.Did he ring me up on coming home?
22.How long did a strong wind blow?
23.Why did we go for a ride?
24.Our country produces much oil, doesn’t it?
25.Did the boy see a plane or elephants in the sky?
26.Will they discuss different problems of teaching languages?
27.Witch book did they select?
28.How long did he have to wait for her?
29.Joan has a bath in the evening, doesn’t he?
30.Will they meet him at the concert or at home?
31.Are they going to leave school this year?
32.What does she have to do every morning?
33.How many volley-ball matches did he see last night?
34.He liked to read a bookbefore going to bed, didn’t he?
35.Must we wait for him here or there?

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