1.My eyes are not very good. I have to wear glasses.
2.At the end of the course all the students have to do a test.
3.Mary is studying literature. She has to read a lot of books.
4.Albert doesn’t understand much English. You have to speak very slowly to him.
5.Kate is not often at home. She has to travel a lot in her job.


1.We had to walk home last night.There were no buses.
2.It’s late. I had to go now. I’ll see you tomorrow.
3.I went to the supermarket after work yesterday.I had to buy some food.
4.This train doesn’t go all the way to London. You had to change at Bristol.
5.We did an exam yesterday. We had to answer six questions out of ten.


1.I have to get up early tomorrow.- What time do you have to get up?
2.George had to wait a long time.- How long did George had to wait?
3.Liz has to go somewhere.- Where Liz has to go?
4.We had to pay a lot of money.- How much money  we had to pay?
5.I have to do some work.- What exactly do i have to do.


1.Why are you going out? – You don’t have to go out.
2.Why is Ann waiting?-  She doesn’t have to wait.
3.Why did you get up early?-  You didn’t have to get up early.
4.Why is Paul working so hard?-  He doesn’t have to work so hard.
5.Why do you want to leave now?-  We don’t have to leave now.


1.It’s a great film. You must see/ have to see it.  Both are correct
2.In many countries, men have to do military service.
3.You can’t park your car here for nothing. You have to pay.
4.I didn’t have any money with me last night, so i must borrow some.
5.I eat too much chocolate. I really have to stop.
6.” Why is Paula going now?”  “She must meet somebody.”
7.What’s wrong? You must tell me. I want to help you.


1. I have to travel ten miles every day.
2.He has to earn money every day.
3.I have to watch that film tomorrow.
4.She had to write letter yesterday. 

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