377.Please, don’t shout at him.
378.I have seen him twice on the stage.
379.I’ll make dinner till you return.
380.She failed her exam yesterday.
381.Could you lend me five dollars till tomorrow.
382.Don’t hurry! We still have much money.
383. I don’t have any money on me.
384.I was too tired that i couldn’t go on working.
385.Is your brother still in the hospital?Hasn’t he recovered yet.
386.He saw her at the party for first time.
387.I want to join t you in your trip.
388.How do you usually get home.
389.You have done a terrible mistake.
390.John has broken my favourite vase.
391.I know his name but i can’t remind it at the moment.
392.Can i hand in my test. I have already finished it.
393.Is there any whisky left.
394.Jane has a curly hair.
395.It’s impossible to live without water.
396.On my way at home i met my old friend.
397.I haven’t seen my sister since winter.
398.It’s raining!Put on your raincoat.
399.This armchair is very comfortable.
409.The bus service is very good. There is a bus each 10 minutes.
410.The doctor agreed to receive us in the morning.
411.We had a lovely holiday in Italy last year.
412.Susan won first prize in essay competition.
413.He tried hardly to find a job but he had no luck.
414.We are having a terrible weather.
415.During rainy days people wear raincoats.
416.He told me exactly what i had to do.
417.The girl did a very good impression.
418.Hi cut it with knife.
419.There was panic when people realized that the building was in fire.
420.The manager refused to receive us in the morning.
421.The price is twenty dollars.
422.Their children are badly brought up, always crying and fighting.
423.I’m afraid there’s nothing else i can do.
424.They sat back in their seats and waited.
425.I could hardly recognized her, as she had changed a lot.
426.He didn’t like the film too.
427.She said :”Everything here belongs to me.
428.I arrived at the concert hall at time.
429.I was so happy to see him.
430.I’m looking for a new job.
431.I haven’t got any friends here.

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