82.How often is your room painted.
83.She said that she has never been spoken in such a way.
84.Has the text been copied by all of them.
85.The letter is usually written to my friend in the evening.
86.How many books have been read by you.
87.How many lessons have been done by you.
88.What in the guide books are included by them.
89.The cup of tee was brought by the waitress.
90.I think the problem must be solved as soon as possible.
91.Which lessons are being done now.
92.His clothes are usually bought in this shop.
93.My free time is being planned by me.
94.I’m sure his new address will be found in the Inquiry book.
95.What was cooked for supper.
96.This kind of tests are translated at every lesson.
97.He was taken to the doctor.
98.The voice of the violin was heard in the hall.
99.He is always praised by his father when he works hard.
100.Interesting job was offered him.
101.What kind of exercises are usually done in class.
102.Our lecturer is lisened to by us attentively.
103.The picture was looked at by them with admiration.
104.Football is played in all over the world.
105.The children must be looked after by somebody when we are away.
106.This problem was being dicussed at the lecture.
107.The book is spoken much about.
108.Rhe envelop was found on the the shelf.
109.This book was bought a week ago.
110.I taught that the letter had already been recived by her.
111.His letters are often written in hasty.
112.The window was broken by John while playing football.
113.The letter will be posted tomorrow.
114.Your report is being discussed by them now.
115.Our time-tabel will be changed in a week.
116.They were met by Tom yesterday.
117.This letter has just been brought by secretary.
118.Whay has not the letter been sent yet.
119.The shortest way to the station was shown to her.
120.A few questions about Shakespeare were asked to lecturer.
121.An interesting story has just been told to me by John.
122.A good piece of advice was given to him by his friend.
123.He said that he had been asked about it twice by them.
124.The telegram was sent to her brother.
125.The rule will be explained to him.
126.My brother had to be operated on.
127.He is often seen in the exhibitions.
128.The plan was agreed upon.
129.A party is being given this week.
130.The girl’s doll has been broken by the boys.
131.His words were taken no notice of.
132.Her voice can’t be heard from here.
133.He is always laughed at by his friend.
134.The letters had been typed ny the time the director came.
135.The project is worked out last week.
136.The tree planting project will be sponsored.
137.Was the window broken by your brother.
138.All the mistakes have been corrected.
139.Where are books in foreign language sold.
140.The front door of the house was locked.
141.The instruction must be obeyed by eberybody.
142.When were the tickets bought.
143.Finally he was persuaded to agree.
144.His new book will be published soon.
145.Has the invitation been sent yet.
146.The instruction must be studied by you before useing the machine.
147.My wallet was lost yesterday.
148.Have the telegrams been already sent.
149.This kind of dictations can be found in that shop.

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